Welcome to TIB Labs. Here you will find experimental and innovative services, beta versions and prototypes that are not (yet) in regular operation at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). We would like to give you an insight into our current research and development work and invite you to explore new technologies and services together with us.

dokieli logodokieli

dokieli is a clientside editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions.

Logo TIB LabsEtsimo Pilot

Etsimo is an interactive visual discovery tool for literature search. Search results are visualised and can be refined step-by-step through interacting with visualised keywords.


Entity and Relation Linking framework over DBpedia

Logo TIB LabsGeoEstimation

Image geolocation estimation tool

Logo TIB LabsiART

The project iART develops methods for the realization of an interactive image retrieval system, which allows users to search and explore large image databases of art history.

Logo TIB LabsLeibniz Data Manager

The Leibniz Data Manager is a data management system for heterogeneous data collections, including preview functions on different research data types. The Leibniz Data Manager is based on a CKAN distribution for Research Data Management and is provided by TIB and Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover.

Logo TIB LabsLost in Antarctica

The purpose of the project IBlendIko was to make transfer and aquisition of information literacy more attractive by developing a reusable, gamified blended learning course. The result of the project is the prototype of the game Lost in Antarctica.

NOA LogoNOA - Search engine for reusable scientific figures

NOA is a search engine that searches for reusable images from scientific Open Access publications. Images, captions, context, metadata and licenses are automatically extracted from the articles.

Logo TIB LabsOntario

Federated Query Processing Engine Over Semantic Data Lake.

Logo TIB LabsOpen Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG)

Digital Libraries for Semantic Scientific Knowledge

Open Research LogoOpenResearch

OpenResearch is a semantic wiki to make information about scientific events, research groups, tools, journals etc. more accessible.

Logo TIB LabsROSI - Registry of Open Scientometric Data Sources

Registry of open data sources for scientometric information

Logo TIB LabsScientific Software Explorer (SciSoftX)

The Scientific Software Explorer (SciSoftX) is a tool for comfortable, simultaneous exploration of scientific software and the respective describing article.

Logo TIB LabsSkosmos

Web-based tool to publish, search, and browse SKOS vocabularies and thesauri. In addition to the indexing, browsing and graphical representation of structure and hierarchy of the vocabularies, Skosmos also offers a rest API and a SPARQL interface.

SlideWiki LogoSlideWiki

SlideWiki is a platform that allows the collaborative creation, expansion, actualisation, modification and discovery of slide decks as Open Educational Resources (OER).

Logo TIB LabsTIB arXiv-Portal

TIB's arXiv Portal is an alternative search portal for the arXiv Pre-print Server and provides enhanced search and ranking facilities and allows the exploration of arXiv papers by a novel user interface.

Logo TIB LabsUmbiko

Kibana based analytics plattform for VIVO data.

Archived Projects

Logo Linked Data FragmentsLinked Data Fragments Server

The Linked Data Fragments Server enables online queries on the metadata stock of the TIB AV portal.