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Ingo Keck




Computer Science, Linked Data, Research Infrastructure, Scientific Data Management

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DeTrusty allows you to make SPARQL queries, which are then passed on to the appropriate data sources in a suitably decomposed form. It works as a federated query engine. The special feature of DeTrusty is that the result is accompanied by meta-information about the origin of the result and the confidence in the correctness of the result. For this purpose it uses cryptographic methods like hashes, merkletrees and block chain in the background to ensure correct information. Additionally, DeTrusty is able to validate integrity constraints expressed in SHACL during query processing. In doing so, it incorporates quality assessment results in the meta-information of the query result.

DeTrusty is the query engine in the H2020 project QualiChain and is used there to enable queries to the QualiChain Knowledge Graph.

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QualiChain is an H2020 project and aims to create, test and evaluate a decentralised platform for storing, sharing and reviewing qualifications from education and work. It focuses on capturing the potential of blockchain, algorithms and computational intelligence technologies to revolutionise the field of public education, as well as the interfaces with the private education market, the labour market, public administration workflows and wider socio-economic developments.

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