Lost in Antarctica


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Christine Burblies




Information and Digital Literacy

Technology Readiness Level


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Current note: As of 8 August  2020 the demo version of Lost in Antarctica will be switched off for the time being. User data and scores will be deleted. We appreciate your interest and will inform you about new developments regarding Lost in Antarctica as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact christine.burbliestibeu.

There is still little motivation for students to deal with information literacy.

The cooperation project IBlendIko aimed to make the teaching of information literacy more attractive by developing a reusable, gamified blended learning course. The result of the project is the prototype of the game „Lost in Antarctica“.

Together with the University Library of Braunschweig and the University Library of Clausthal, the game "Lost in Antarctica" was developed and programmed. So-called student innovation projects were involved in the development of the game idea.

The aim is to increase the motivation of the students by using the game in large learning groups. The learning modules created in the project are to be applicable to courses across disciplines in the future.

The "Game Lost in Antarctica" is based on the game principles of an adventure game. The main principle is a underlying story. Exploring and solving puzzles is the way to experience this story in adventure.

In Lost in Antarctica, researchers crash with a plane in the Antarctic and the plane is destroyed and the research team has to repair it. By solving different tasks, the game participants receive the necessary components to get the aircraft ready for take-off.


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