Scientific Software Explorer (SciSoftX)


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Anett Hoppe




Computer Science, Scientific Data Management, Visual Analytics

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Oftentimes, it is not quite easy to fully reproduce scientific results: There is a scientific article, the corresponding source code, input parameter, used datasets,... – and only reviewing all elements will give the full picture. The Scientific Software Explorer (SciSoftX) is meant to support and simplify this exploration process.

SciSoftX offers an integrated interface which allows for the simultaneous exploration of software source code and scientific publication. The user is supported by a toolset which is under constant development:

  • Automatic discovery of source code elements that are mentioned in the article text and linking of both modalities using heuristics
  • Missing links can be added manually
  • Known links (automatically discovered and manually added) are highlighted in both modalities; it is possible to directly navigate to its corresponding mentions in the other modality
  • Import and export of known links (so that they can be shared with other users)
  • Visualisations which support the exploration of known links

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