About TIB Labs

In order to continuously expand and optimize our services, we conduct our own applied research and development. The results are transferred sustainably into regular library operations. Therefore, the TIB consistently integrates its customers into its innovation processes.  With this in mind, the TIB Labs offer experimental services, beta versions as well as prototypes, which are developed as part of the ongoing research and development activities at all of TIB's departments.


TIB Labs provide you with an insight into our current research and development activities. Together with our customers, we test innovative technologies as well as new services and share our results and experiences with the community.

The TIB Labs serve as an "incubator" for new services and innovative access to TIB’s information resources. Here we adapt new technologies, develop experimental services and evaluate candidates for a possible transition to regular operation at the TIB.


The prototypes and beta versions of the TIB Labs are continuously developed and evaluated. As a result, functionalities may change during operation, services may be unstable or temporarily down, and they may be switched off completely under certain circumstances. If you have any suggestions or questions or if you notice any errors, we look forward to your feedback.