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Linked Data, Open Science, Research Information System, Research Infrastructure, Scientific Data Management

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A successful academic career is characterized by publications in professional journals, peer reviews and the general presentation of a researchers findings.

In this context, scientific conferences play a pivotal role not only in providing a platform for the presentation and explanation of research work, but also excellent opportunities for networking, obtaining direct feedback from peers and taking in other research approaches.

In contrast to written testimonials or certificates, however, participation in conferences, workshops, or meet-ups pales in comparison to their informative value on a CV - among other things because there is hardly any evidence of the activities that took place there.

ConDIDi wants to change this and create a new layer for the exhibition and storage of digital conference credentials: 

In cooperation with the Berlin-based company Jolocom GmbH, ConDIDi aims to enable participants and visitors of these events to provide digitally unalterable proof of their participation and role in these events.

This is achieved using blockchain technology, which allows cryptographically secure signing of organizer data and visitor/contributor data and storage of these proofs in a secure, anonymous and decentral way.

Over time, an individuals resume is created that exactly represents the work of the respective person. This is particularly interesting for submission to a potential employer, who can thus obtain verifiable proof of the applicant's activities.

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QualiChain targets the creation, piloting and evaluation of a decentralised platform for storing, sharing and verifying education and employment qualifications. Credentials issued with the ConDIDI service can be used inside QualiChain.

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