Etsimo Pilot


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Dr. Oliver Koepler




Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval

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With the Etsimo pilot, the TIB evaluates the potential of exploratory, visual searches in the catalogue data of the TIB. Information retrieval refers to exploratory searches when the acquisition of knowledge, the reviewing of information, its comparison, evaluation and aggregation are in the foreground. Such a search is usually iterative. Search queries are scanned, evaluated and further search queries are reformulated according to the information requirements and based on already found information. Explorative search systems such as Etsimo therefore offer a special visualization of the search results with which the user can interact and move through the information space. With each interaction, the user provides a relevance feedback, which flows into the search process.

In the pilot phase until the end of February 2018, TIB users can try out the explorative, visual search in the test collection. The pilot phase will be accompanied by an online survey to conduct a feedback and acceptance analysis.


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