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Audiovisual Media, Linked Data

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The German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) has been publishing the authoritative and time-based, automatically generated metadata of videos from the TIB AV-Portal since April 2016 as Linked Open Data. The published data is made available in the form of RDF exports ("dumps") for download and free subsequent use.

Within the framework of TIB Labs, a Linked Data Fragments Server is set up and operated, which enables online queries against the metadata stock of the TIB AV-Portal. Queries can be sent to the Linked Data Fragments Server via a graphical user interface as well as a simple REST API. On the backend side, the server accesses a pre-indexed and query-optimized HDT file containing the AV Portal's metadata. Results are delivered in the form of triple pattern fragments and can be requested via the HTTP header field "Accept" as "text/turtle" or "text/n3".

In addition, by using a Linked Data Fragment Client more complex queries (SPARQL queries) can be processed on the basis of the provided Triple Pattern Fragments.

Related projects

Setup and operation of an LDF server for the metadata stock of the TIB AV portal are part of the project Further development of linked open data services.

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