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Junaid Ahmed Ghauri




Audiovisual Media, Research Infrastructure, Visual Analytics

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URL: Archived project

Video annotator is a web-based tool which is designed to help users in labelling videos in a dataset with an important score for corresponding segments. The development technology of this is a python microservice framework known as Flask. This annotator will serve as a submodule in a bigger project named as VAAAS (Video Analysis as a Service). Sample data for annotations will be stored on the lab server as well. In the start around 150 videos from 3 different sources (YouTube, TIB AV-Portal, EdX) has been collected. Later Multi-modal research will be conducted as a proof of concept. After this Video Analysis as a Service demo will be prepared with this submodule. In this service, the interface will be defined for another module from video analysis domain which will help to customize other modules to interact with this service.

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