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Connecting Skosmos to VIVO

Presentation: Integrating Distributed Data Sources in VIVO via Lookup Services


Skosmos is a web-based tool for publishing, searching and editing SKOS-described controlled vocabulary and thesauri. It offers not only indexing, browsing and graphical representation of structure and hierarchy of the vocabulary, but also a rest API and SPARQL interface.

Skosmos is distributed as open source with the MIT license. The development is done openly on GitHub. You can participate by submitting bug reports, requesting new features, writing new translations or contributing code.

Within the scope of the Skosmos service of the Technical Information Library (TIB) we would like to evaluate how an infrastructure for vocabulary can look like in human-readable as well as machine-readable form via interface. For this purpose, various vocabularies are integrated into the service and made available to third parties on an experimental basis. No guarantee can be given for the availability of the service and thus also the vocabulary. It is therefore not recommended to integrate the vocabulary provided by Skosmos for productive use.

Skosmos is being developed at the National Library of Finland. Contact: finto-postihelsinkifi

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